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6-Tier Metal Balcony floor plant Stand

6-Tier Metal Balcony floor plant Stand
6-Tier Metal Balcony floor plant Stand
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6-Tier Metal Flower Pot Plant Stand Balcony Floor-standing Multilayer Shelf Rack

Product Description:

  • The flower decor rack displays plants with classical European style.
  • The stand is durable enough to withstand most inclement weather.
  • For maintenance, you can use wool brush or wet cotton cloth to clean the surface.
  • Use environmentally-friendly paint to eliminate harmful chemicals from the source, escorting the safety of family members
  • Reliable quality, strong bearing capacity, meticulous grinding and stable bearing

Product Specifications:

  • Color?:?Black
  • Material:?Wrought iron
  • Package?Weight: 2.2kg / 4.9lb
  • Product?Size: 80x74x21cm / 31.5x29.1x8.3in
  • Package?Size: 55x31x5cm / 21.7x12.2x1.9in

Products Include:

  • 1 x? Flower stand

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