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Hydroponics Lucky Potted Brazilian Wood plant

Hydroponics Lucky Potted Brazilian Wood plant
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Hydroponics Lucky Potted Brazilian Wood plant
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Easy to care for. It is outdoor bonsai, can bring luck, has a small stump and is a potted plant of water planting.
It can put in front of the computer, absorbing formaldehyde, preventing radiation, and purifying air. Brazilian wood is also called lucky wood, which can bring good luck to the family, increase financial fortune, and bless with safeness.

Style: modern and simple
Light habits: neutral
Wet and dry habits: like wet
Plant species: Brazil wood
Height: 10 cm
Diameter: 5-6 cm, 6-7 cm, 7-8 cm
A: Brazil wood
B: Brazilian wood + ceramic basin
C: Brazil wood + Groot villain + ceramic basin

Package Content:
1 x Lucky wood
1 x Ceramic basin
1 x Groot

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